Hello! I’m Greg.

I’ve been working with web technologies for about 20 years and have partnered with a wide variety of businesses to bring life to new ventures and to add expanded functionality to existing projects.

I work primarily in WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

If your project is a big one or if you need help with a small piece of the puzzle, let’s have a conversation. I’d love to help you.

Greg Burnison

Build a Website

Do you have your new site all designed and ready to be built? Need help getting it coded? I can help with that.


Do you have some issues with your site? A page that doesn't look right or a feature not working as you'd like? I can help with that.

The Last 5%

Do you have a client’s site almost there, but have a few pieces that you're not quite sure how to code? I can help get those last few items done and work out any last-minute bugs.

Website Optimization

Is your site running slow? My website optimization package can help get your site performing at its best!

Highly recommended
Greg rescued my blog from the mistakes I made on my WordPress blog. He turned a clumsy idea I had for a new header into something I love. He turned the work around quickly and graciously, teaching me all the while and helping to build my website confidence.
Pat McHenry Sullivan
Fast and efficient
What would have taken me hours to do, Greg does in a fraction of the time, which frees up my time to work on the parts that I’m good at - invaluable!
Christine Rondeau

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If you have a project you need help with let's chat...

Greg Burnison