Greg is my go-to coder
Greg is my go-to coder whenever I run into technical issues beyond my own skill level. We've been working together for over half a decade and I was referred to him by another coder with a full plate. He is always helpful and supportive. He recognizes that sometimes the reality of what has been envisioned won't have the level of impact that the effort and cost should deliver; in those cases, he offers solutions that will give a similar result within our time and money budgets. Greg is very approachable, speaks in both code and non-technical dialects very well, and genuinely wants the client to understand what is happening with their project. I happily recommend Greg to anyone looking for his services.
Candrina Bailey
Honest about his expertise
I’ve known Greg Burnison since 2001 and I’ve worked with him on many projects. When working with developers it’s great to work with someone who’s honest about their expertise. Personally, I’ve never been able to master jQuery or JavaScript and thus always thrilled to pass on that type of work to Greg. He takes care of all that coding and does so in such a way that I can still go in there and figure out what’s what. What would have taken me hours to do, he does in a fraction of the time which frees up my time to work on the parts that I’m good at and not get so bogged down with all that jQuery nonsense.
Christine Rondeau
Greg provided excellent webmaster skills for us
I think the most important thing about working with Greg is that he is very easy to work with and super dependable. Because we have an online business, we are completely reliant on our website. If we have issues it impacts the bottom line. For a small business, we can’t afford to have problems with our site. Greg understands this and provides us with excellent care. I highly recommend Greg for his skills, knowledge and expertise.
Lincoln Wachtel
He’s the IT genius I want in my corner, always!
When I started my own business and faced technical challenges way beyond my skills, I was really fortunate because I had Greg on my side. When I think about the kind of web technology support I most want, here are my top priorities: Expertise; High Quality; Fairly Priced; Strong Communication. With Greg, that list is CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK.

When the challenges were far too large, way beyond my technical knowledge, or the risks and consequences if I messed it up were too high, Greg was always able to figure it out, and usually pretty simply. Honestly, I don't know how he does it. The most infuriating and mysterious quandary for me seemed to be child's-play to Greg. He's the IT genius I want in my corner, always. And, besides getting the job done, Greg has always been patient and kind in his manner and his communication. I'm the type that always wants to learn "why" and "how," and Greg has been incredibly accommodating in meeting my requests.

Greg is the ultimate IT Go-To Guy in my book - for anything from setting up a custom website, to a testing sub-domain, getting Amazon S3 storage servers set up, site backups, plugin troubleshooting, and hosts of other mysteries - vanished when Greg gets after it. And my most favorite times are when I would send a note to Greg in an absolute PaNiC about something I learned was gonna break in my system, and the reply I get back from him casually says something like, "Oh! You saw that memo too? Yeah, I went ahead and took care of it last night. You're all set. Here's what I did and why..." Greg respects timelines, emergencies, and is also clear about his own time constraints, which I really appreciate. Not a week goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars for Greg.
Steve Mattus
Deeply grateful
Thank you, thank you, thank you – have I told you recently how much I love working with you? If not, shame on me!!! You are consistently amazing and I’m so deeply grateful to have you on my team Greg!
Ariane Goodwin
You are awesome – appreciate you.
Thanks again for the rush job. We are launching that program tomorrow morning, so needed to have the form fixed.
Susan Lucibello
Greg Burnison