What a relief!
I've worked with programmers in the past who could do amazing things with code but not so much with humans, and it made projects incredibly challenging. What a relief to find Greg who communicates clearly with me, thinks empathetically about the people using the things we build, and delivers a great result. Whenever I have a web design project that's outside my tech comfort zone, Greg is the first one I think of to make the system work as beautifully under the hood as I can make it on the screen.
Tzaddi Gordon
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Greg
I have been working with Greg since 2013 on various WordPress projects. He is able to handle any situation I have come across that I am unable to do myself. Every project is done in a timely manner and delivered as requested. Greg’s development skills have enabled him to work on small projects as well larger WordPress customizations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or work with Greg again.
Linda Senenki, CGD
Greg is my go-to coder
Greg is my go-to coder whenever I run into technical issues beyond my own skill level. We've been working together for over half a decade and I was referred to him by another coder with a full plate. He is always helpful and supportive. He recognizes that sometimes the reality of what has been envisioned won't have the level of impact that the effort and cost should deliver; in those cases, he offers solutions that will give a similar result within our time and money budgets. Greg is very approachable, speaks in both code and non-technical dialects very well, and genuinely wants the client to understand what is happening with their project. I happily recommend Greg to anyone looking for his services.
Candrina Bailey
We’re extremely grateful to have worked with Greg all these years
We have been working with Greg Burnison for over ten years. Greg is extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive. He's dedicated to his profession and keeps up to date with all current technologies. He has excellent recommendations on what technologies to use to deliver a project in a timely and cost-efficient manner. He recommends excellent frameworks, libraries and open source technologies allowing us to work with client's budgets of any size. Greg is very professional and a good communicator. He explains technical issues clearly and concisely. He always communicates timelines and gives advance notice when technical obstacles with the project may occur (which they rarely do). When issues do occur, Greg is extremely responsive in addressing them quickly. He always focuses on the solution. We've been very happy with our collaboration with Greg and look forward to future projects with him. It has been a pleasure getting to know and working with him. We're extremely grateful to have worked with Greg all these years. If you are looking for a talented, responsible developer then look no further than Greg Burnison! We wholeheartedly recommend him.
Vancouver Web Design Agency
You are awesome – appreciate you.
Thanks again for the rush job. We are launching that program tomorrow morning, so needed to have the form fixed.
Susan Lucibello
Thank you
OMG! You're amazing! Thank you. I wasn't sure why those errors and bugs were occurring. I thought it was me... haha!
Salina Buchan
Greg Burnison